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OS X Video Applications You Can Use  




IOXperts Webcam Drivers Work with These Mac OS X Applications!

We recommend using the latest version of our driver.
Videoconferencing applications
Video Viewers and Movie Makers
Webcam applications
Stop-motion animation
Specialized applications

Videoconferencing Applications

iChat AV from Apple Computer is currently in beta, and with the addition of some 3rd party software can be used with our drivers. See our FAQ for details.


iSpQ VideoChat from nanoCom Corporation is an affordable, easy-to-use videoconferencing application.

ohphoneX is an H.323-compliant client application for video conferencing and IP telephony. It uses the protocol stack developed by the OpenH323 Project.

SiteCam for OS 8-9 is a full-featured webcam application for streaming live audio and video as well as time-lapse movie over the Internet.


sVideo Server lets you videoconference with iChat or remotely view a video source over the Internet. [Note: requires Mac OS X 10.2 or higher.]

VChat is a native MacOS X CU-Seeme client.

WebCamNow a Webcam videochat community.

Yahoo! Messenger is an instant messaging client, with video support, but no audio.
Video Viewers and Movie Makers
BTV allows you to view video and save single frames or QuickTime movie files. BTV Pro has added features including movie editing, time-lapse capture, motion detection capture, and frame averaging.

iCamShare makes it fun and easy to send video e-mails to your family and frients! The step-by-step interface easily guides you through the process of creating and sending video e-mails. Video e-mails can play on most Macintosh and Windows computers. Recipient does not need a webcam. Videos can be easily compressed, so that they can be sent and received quickly.

MovieWorks can be used to create slide shows, web movies and videos with unlimited narration, music, and text tracks.

QuickTime Broadcaster is a free live encoder to easily webcast live events over the internet.

SecuritySpy is a new multi-camera surveillance application from the developer of BTV, Ben Bird. It's currently in beta.
SiteProxy is video re-broadcasting, image archiving & time-Lapse animation software.


Video Viewer is a free application which lets you view video from a webcam.
Webcam Applications

Evological's EvoCam, formerly CoolCam, captures an image and uploads it via ftp to a web server at intervals between 1 second and 24 hours. Its intuitive interface allows you to edit captions or clocks, for example, over live video.

ImageCaster from eCon Technologies broadcasts virtually any image over the web and lets you add overlay text and graphics.
Oculus from International Web lets you upload images or time-lapse movies to a server. [Note: users of our driver with Oculus should be on Mac OS X 10.2 or higher.]
Stop-Motion Animation
FrameThief is a software package for creating animation on the Macintosh platform.


iStopMotion lets you use your digital camera to create stop motion animation.
Stop-Motion Studio may be used for claymation, stop-motion, paper, or hand-drawn animation.  
Specialized Applications



Flash from Macromedia now includes the ability to grab video from a camera, and when used with the Flash Communication Server MX, that video can be streamed on the net.

Troi Grabber Plug-in, lets you grab video images in FileMaker Pro. So you can take a picture or shoot a video and put it into a container field.

VideoScope, another Evological product, performs real-time luminance and chrominance analysis of any video source, QuickTime movie or still image, allowing you to adjust your video digitizer's image settings to obtain the best possible video quality.

VideoScript from VideoScript, Inc integrates the capture, analysis and output of video data.


What about iMovie?, many of you have asked. That application accepts only DV input (camcorders). There is a free application called FrameSplicer that allows you to convert QuickTime movies into DV streams that you can then open in iMovie.



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