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Video Cameras We Support


This page contains tables of known supported video cameras and
which IOXperts drivers support them.

If you see your camera on this page, download the appropriate driver.

  • Supported FireWire Video Cameras
  • Supported USB Video Cameras
  • Possibly Supported Video Cameras

    If you have one of the cameras listed in the possibly supported list,
    please contact us.

    If your camera is not on this page, please look at the following lists
    to find out if we have or need information on your particular model.

  • Supported Still Cameras
  • Unsupported Cameras


    Information which is incomplete or may be inaccurate is highlighted in yellow.
    Feel free to drop us a line if you find any mistakes or can add any information.
    We will be correcting this over time.

    We appreciate the help.

  • Video Drivers
    IOX Webcam OS X 1.1.x  
    IOX Webcam OS X 1.1  
    USB Webcam OS X 1.0.2  
    FireWire Webcam OS X 1.0.2  
    IOX Industrial OS X 1.1  
    IIDC (Industrial) OS X 1.0.2  

    FireWire Webcam OS 9 1.0.2  
    IIDC (Industrial) OS 9 1.1b30  
    FireWire Video Cameras

    FireWire and DCam are standards. There is a good chance that other
    FireWire DCam cameras will work.

    FireWire cameras that are supported by our Industrial drivers will
    not work with our Webcam drivers.

    Vendor Camera Model Type Versions   Device URL Vendor URL
    ADS 1394 PYRO WebCam FireWire 1394  
    1394 PYRO WebCam (API-200) FireWire 1394  
    1394 PYRO WebCam (API-203) FireWire 1394  
    AME Vcam IEEE 1394 PC Camera (CF-2000) FireWire 1394  
    Aplux 1394 PC Camera - C102T FireWire 1394  
    1394 PC Camera - C104T FireWire 1394  
    Apple iSight FireWire 1394  
    CCDDirect MicroPix C-1024 10-bit B/W FireWire CCD Camera FireWire 1394  
    MicroPix C-1024 10-bit Color FireWire CCD Camera FireWire 1394  
    MicroPix C-640 10-bit B/W FireWire CCD Camera FireWire 1394  
    MicroPix C-640 10bit Color FireWire CCD Camera FireWire 1394  
    COOL STREAM iSweet FireWire 1394  
    FireCam ioi1394 FireWire 1394  
    FireWireDirect DV Webcam FireWire 1394  
    Imaging Source DBK 21F04 FireWire 1394  
    DFK 21F04 FireWire 1394  
    DMK 21F04 FireWire 1394  
    iRez Kritter Digital FireWire 1394  
    StealthFire FireWire 1394  
    LG Electronics LPC-PC20 FireWire 1394  
    MetaControls Technologies FireView-1 FireWire 1394  
    Orange Micro iBOT FireWire Video Camera FireWire 1394  
    PINE Technology Pinetron Green Eye FireWire 1394  
    Point Grey Research Point Grey FireFly FireWire 1394  
    Point Grey Firefly2 (all) FireWire 1394  
    Point Grey Flea (all) FireWire 1394  
    Point Grey Dragonfly (all) FireWire 1394  
    Point Grey Scorpion SCOR-13FF FireWire 1394  
    Point Grey Scorpion SCOR-14SO FireWire 1394  
    Point Grey Scorpion SCOR-20SO FireWire 1394  
    Point Grey Dragonfly Express (all) FireWire 1394  
    Sony DFW-SX900 FireWire 1394  
    DFW-V500 FireWire 1394  
    DFW-VL500 FireWire 1394  
    DFW-X700 FireWire 1394  
    XCD-SC900 FireWire 1394  
    XCD-SX900UV FireWire 1394  
    XCD-X700 FireWire 1394  
    Sun Microsystems 1394 Kit FireWire 1394  
    Thorlabs DC111 CCD Camera with SM1 Adapter Plate FireWire 1394  
    TI 1394 MC680-DCC Desktop Camera FireWire 1394  
    Unibrain Fire-I Digital Camera FireWire 1394  
    Fire-i400 Industrial Camera FireWire 1394  
    Videre Design DCAM IEEE 1394 Digital Color Video Camera FireWire 1394  


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    USB Video Cameras  

    Creative Webcam Pro: We have some reports that this camera may not be supported
    by version 1.1 of the Webcam driver. We need a USB Prober log to be sure. (28 Aug 05)

    Logitech Cameras: A number of new or updated Logitech cameras are now on the market.
    They include the QuickCam Fusion, the QuickCam Pro 5000, and updated versions of the
    QuickCam Orbit MP, Sphere, and QuickCam for Notebooks Pro. We are actively working on
    drivers for these cameras and expect to be shipping a beta in the near future. (21 Feb 06)

    Vendor Camera Model Type Versions   Device URL Vendor URL
    Acer DVC-V6 USB  
    DVC-V6+ USB  
    Aiptec HyperVcam Fun USB (some) USB need info
    AME CU-001 USB  
    CU-320 USB  
    CU-68R USB  
    CU-98 USB  
    CU-98A USB  
    CU-99A USB  
    Ariston iSee USB  
    iSeeII USB  
    iSee-Pro USB  
    Askey VC050 USB  
    VC060 USB  
    VC070 USB  
    VC071 USB  
    VC080 USB  
    VC090 USB  
    VC100 USB  
    VC120 USB  
    AVerMedia CamGuard USB  
    InterCam USB Plus USB  
    Boeder PC ChatCam USB  
    BTC SurfCam CMOS 300K USB  
    Cellvision LV-DC350 USB should be supported
    Creative Labs Creative Video Blaster Webcam 5 (some) USB  
    Creative WebCam Pro eX USB  
    Video Blaster Webcam 2 USB  
    Digicom Galileo USB USB  
    D-Link DRU-350C USB  
    DRU-350C USB  
    DSB C-100 (some) USB need info
    Dynalink Digital Camera USB should be supported
    Ezonics EZ Cam USB  
    EZ Cam Pro USB  
    Intel Play QX3 Microscope USB should be supported
    I-O Data USB-CCDChat USB  
    iRez Kritter USB 1.0 (but not 1.1) USB  
    I-View Netview NV200M (some) USB  
    Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks Pro (not QuickCam for Notebooks) USB note
    QuickCam Orbit USB note
    QuickCam Orbit MP USB note
    QuickCam Pro (dark focus ring) USB  
    QuickCam Pro 3000 USB  
    QuickCam Pro 4000 USB  
    QuickCam Pro 5000 USB note
    QuickCam Fusion USB note
    QuickCam Sphere USB note
    QuickCam Zoom USB  
    Mattel QX3+ Computer Microscope USB  
    Microtek EyeStar USB  
    Motic Motic USB Microscope USB  
    Mustek VCAM-300 USB  
    WCam 300 USB  
    O'Rite i-Cam USB Camera USB  
    Pace Color Video Camera USB Same as Contour?
    Contour Video Camera USB
    Panasonic GP-KR651US USB  
    GP-KR651US USB  
    Philips ToUcam Fun (PCVC730K) USB  
    ToUcam Pro (PCVC740K) USB  
    ToUCam Pro 3D (PCVC750K) USB  
    ToUcam Pro II (PCVC840K) USB  
    ToUcam Pro Scan (PCVC750K) USB  
    ToUcam XS (PCVC720K/40 only) USB  
    Vesta (PCVC675K) USB  
    Vesta Pro (PCVC680K) USB  
    Vesta Scan (PCVC690K) USB  
    PINE Technology PineCam Z100 USB  
    Plustek OptiCam 500U USB  
    Pragmatic ViLINK PC Camera VU350 USB    
    ProLink DS3303u WebCam USB  
    Samsung AnyCam MPC-C10 USB  
    AnyCam MPC-C30 USB  
    Sargent Welch USB Microscope USB  
    Scalar USB Microscope M1 USB  
    USB Microscope M2 USB  
    Sceptre SVC300/KVC300 (black & silver) USB  
    SVC300/KVC300 (green translucent) USB  
    Sotec Afina Eye USB  
    SuperCam WonderEye USB  
    TCE Netcam 310 USB USB  
    Tekcom TekCam 10/ECP USB  
    TekCam 10/USB USB  
    TekCam 350 Easy USB  
    Terratec Terracam USB Pro (some) USB Verify
    Terracom USB (some) USB  
    TNC Tinycam Pro USB  
    TRENDnet TV-PC300 USB  
    TV-PC350 USB  
    Trust Sp@ceC@m 100 USB  
    Sp@ceC@m Lite USB  
    Utobia USB Camera USB  
    VideoLogic HomeC@m USB  
    HomeC@m USB  
    Visionite VCB-UC300 USB  
    VCB-UM100 USB  
    Zoom CU-68R USB  
    ZoomCam 1595 USB  
    ZoomCam 1596 USB  
    ZoomCam USB 1597 USB  


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    Possibly Supported Video Cameras  
    Vendor Camera Model Type Versions   Device URL Vendor URL
    AOpen VC324 USB  
    Azona Vista Pro VPC-200 USB should be supported
    Cellvision LV-CD350 USB  
    LV-FCD350 USB  
    D-Link DSB C-300 USB NW802
    Exsys EX6620 USB ?  
    LG Electronics LPC-P10 USB  
    NGS Show Webcam USB NW800?
    Pretek PCC-300 USB NW802
    PCC-610 USB NW802/Sharp CCD/CDS
    Trust Sp@ceC@m 120 (some) USB NW802? - ccd? (352x288)


    If you have one of the cameras listed in this list,
    please contact us at

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