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Installation Tips for 802.11b Driver for
Mac OS 8-9
Supported 802.11b Cards
Mac OS X version
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Installation Tips for the 802.11b Driver for Mac OS 8-9


Os 8-9


Here is a little extra advice on installation and configuration of our driver on your wireless network.

System Requirements

Mac OS 8 or 9
PC Card Slot
PowerBook that includes PC Card Manager 3.0

Click here for a list of supported cards and PowerBooks.

Installing the Demo Version

Download the installer from one of the links on The file you receive will be called IOXperts 802.11bDriver.sit.

Once unstuffed, you'll see a folder called IOXperts 802.11b containing 4 items. It looks like this:

Without plugging in your card, doubleclick on IOXperts 802.11b Install to run the installer, which will simply place the files where they belong in your System folder. Shut down, insert your card, and restart.

Next, open your new Control Panel called IOXperts 802.11b Settings to see if you can detect a signal from your base station. It looks like this:


The checkbox for Computer to Computer is for people who are going through another computer to connect to the network as opposed to a base station.

The Short 802.11b Preamble option is intended to improve throughput on high-bandwidth transmissions such as streaming video.

If you don't see a signal here, then you need to check the other components of your network. Are you too far from the base station? Is it on? Etc.

The encryption pane is where you enter your WEP keys. It's easy to run into trouble here, so try getting connected without it first. Lots of info on WEP complications in our FAQs and more installation instructions further down this page.


Now take a look at your TCP/IP control panel.

Make sure you are connecting via IOXperts 802.11b Driver. Most people seem to go with DHCP for getting an IP address from their base station or router. Make sure you have the right configuration for your system.


That ought to do it. Try opening a web page. Use a search engine and find something totally new and different so you're sure you're not seeing a cached page. Then check email.

Setting up Encryption

How you set up encryption depends somewhat on what base station or router you're using and on what your card can support. Our control panel (this one is from v. 1.0.3) gives you a range of options, as you can see below. If you have an AirPort, you can enter your text password. If you have some other router or base station, choose the appropriate WEP or ASCII password option in the dropdown menu and enter your key.

Ah, you say you use multiple keys? Go to the Advanced tab. Enter your keys there, and be sure to select the one you're using to transmit from the dropdown dialog.


About Purchasing the Driver

The first time you use the driver, and again whenever the demo period expires, you should see a dialog that allows you to enter a serial number or purchase the driver. Clicking on the "Buy" button will connect you with eSellerate ( to purchase a serial number.

Each serial number is uniquely associated with one card. You can use the card on as many machines as you like, but you need a separate serial number for each card you want to use.


1) Lucent card users will need to disable the "AirPort PC Card" extension to use this driver.

2) WEP doesn't work on the Intel PRO/Wireless 2011.


Try restarting and see our FAQ pages or Wiki first, and if you don't find what you need there, file a support request.


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