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Custom development and consulting services

We have worked successfully with OEMs around the world, including Philips, ST Microelectronics, ADS, AME, Electrical Geodesics, and Aplux. If you're developing a new device that needs a Mac driver, please contact us.

Classes of drivers

  • Web Camera Drivers - Classic Mac OS & OS X. USB & FireWire.
  • Block Storage Drivers - Classic Mac OS & OS X. USB.
  • Audio Device Management - Handsets
  • Wireless networking - Classic Mac OS & OS X.
  • Color Management
  • Apple Image Capture


  • USB - web cameras, still cameras, headsets, block storage, etc.
  • Isochronous data transfer - web cameras, still cameras
  • FireWire - web camerass
  • PCI
  • PC Card/PCMCIA

We also offer seminars on:

  • isochronous data transfer
  • block storage
  • USB protocol
  • FireWire
  • color management
  • audio device management
  • wireless networking


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