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IOXperts Gives Mac Users Access to Over 80 Low-Cost Digital Still Cameras

CAMBRIDGE, MA, [October 3, 2002] - IOXperts, Inc. announced version 1.0.2 of its USB Still Camera driver for Mac OS X.

The $9.95 driver allows users of iPhoto and other applications that rely on Apple's Image Capture Architecture to download images from a wide array of very low-cost cameras. Version 1.0.2 adds support for Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and a number of new cameras.

"We are enabling a whole new class of Mac users to experience the world of digital photography because many of these cameras are available for well under $100," said IOXperts founder and CTO Steve Sisak.

IOXperts <> was founded to meet the unsatisfied and growing demand among Macintosh users for more variety and choice among peripherals by providing the drivers needed to power hardware on the Macintosh platform.

After working with OEMs worldwide, the company is now reaching out directly to Macintosh users, providing access to the wide array of inexpensive hardware available in the PC world.

IOXperts already provides drivers for many USB and FireWire webcams as well as drivers for many inexpensive 802.11b wireless cards. "We hear from users all the time about equipment they want to use on the Mac, and we expect to keep adding to the devices we support," adds VP of Engineering Dave Koziol.



Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.1 (or greater) and a USB port
Supported USB still camera


Image Capture
Any application supporting Apple Image Capture Architecture (ICA)


Aiptek Classic Cam, PenCam 16 Mbit, PenCam 64 Mbit, PenCam Compact,
PenCam Ultra/Capsule, PenCam VGA 1, PenCam VGA 2, PenCam Voice VR2,
PressCam, Qt Flash Cam
Alaris e-snap, Yahoo Digital Camera
Argus DC1500
Bandai FSTYLE mini
Creative WebCam Go Mini
Digital Dream L'élégante Digital Camera, L'espion Digital Camera,
L'esprit Digital Camera, La ronde Digital Camera
Dolphin Peripherals Dolphin Pocket Digital Camera (FASTUSB-007),
Dolphin PalmCAM Digital Camera (FASTUSB-008)
Fongkai ChubbyCam, PalmShot ADC350
Fuji FujiFilm iX-1
Grandtech Emage Camera
Hawking Technology DC120 PocketCam 2-in-1, DC320 PocketCam 3-in-1
Hitachi Maxwell iNC35
IDT Digital Camera, Kid's Digital Camera
Innovision VisioCam
Jazz Photo Corp BH21, BH23, JDC10, JDC11
KB Gear JamCam
Kocom KDC-110, KDC-120, KDC-130
Konica e-mini
Microtek MN-100 digital camera, MN-350 digital camera, Take-it-350
digital camera
Multi-Cam International DC-30U Multi-Function AuraCam, DC-31U
Multi-Function AuraCam, DC-32U Multi-Function AuraCam
NH Japan Holdings Mach Power SVX, Che-ez! SPYZ
Nisis QuickPix Qp1, QuickPix Qp2
Oregon Scientific DS3868, VC@m (DS3888), DS3898, YC@m (DS3899)
Packard Bell DWC-1
Plawa SpyPen, SpyPen Axys, SpyPen Cleo, SpyPen Luxo, SpyPen Xion
Radio Shack Kid's Digital Camera (Cat. No. 600-1207)
Symphony Auldey X100 Digital Camera, Auldey Y200 Digital Camera
Takara PetitShot, Slim Shot II
Terratec Terracam 2 Movie
Trust FamilyC@m 300 Flash, FunC@m, SpyC@m, SpyC@m 100, SpyC@m 100
Plus, SpyC@m 300, SpyC@m 300 Voice, SpyC@m 300 XS
Welback C@Mail Hybrid, CoolCam, Digital Camera
Wooritek Snail Digital Camera
WWL Che-ez!, Cool iCam, Cool iCam 2U, Cool iCam Plus, Micro Cam,
Pocket Cam, Stylus 1000, Stylus 1500, Stylus 1800


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