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March 5, 2003


CAMBRIDGE, MA, March 5, 2003 - IOXperts is pleased to announce Mac OS X support for more than 60 different 802.11b wireless networking cards on PowerBooks equipped with PC Card slots. The IOXperts driver brings back support for WaveLAN and Orinoco cards while adding support for dozens of additional cards.

As wireless networks become the standard for homes and businesses, an amazing variety of low-cost networking cards are available, but very few of these provide Mac support off the shelf.

IOXperts solves this problem by providing Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 support for more than 60 different wireless cards, including many popular models from Agere, Lucent, Linksys, and Netgear.

The IOXperts 802.11b driver for Mac OS X provides support for AppleTalk (with an AppleTalk-compatible base station), 64- and 128-bit WEP, AirPort password algorithm, and listing of available networks.


Pricing is USD $19.95 for use with a single wireless card under both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. This is a free upgrade for IOXperts' existing Mac OS 9 customers.

The driver may be downloaded from the IOXperts web site at <>. The driver will run in trial mode for 30 minutes at a time until it is registered.

Each license is tied to the MAC address of the card registered and may be used (with that card) on multiple computers with both the Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X versions of the driver. Existing Mac OS 9 customers should simply enter their current serial number to unlock the Mac OS X driver.


List and important notes also available on the IOXperts web site at <>.

  • Accton AC-EW 3101 11 Mbps Cheetah Wireless PC Card
  • Addtron AWP-100 IEEE 802.11 DS 11Mbps PCMCIA Card
  • Agere Systems
    • Orinoco Gold
    • Orinoco Silver
  • Alvarion BreezeNET PC-DS.11b
  • Asante
    • AeroLAN Wireless Adapter PCMCIA (AL1011 Rev A)
    • AeroLAN Wireless Adapter PCMCIA (AL1011 Rev B)
  • Avaya Wireless PC Card
  • Belkin Wireless Notebook Network Card (some, Prism-based)
  • Compaq
    • iPAQ 11 Mbps Wireless PC Card (HNW-100)
    • WL100 Wireless PC Card
    • WL110 Wireless PC Card
  • D-Link
    • 11 Mbps Wireless CF Card (DCF-650W)
    • 11 Mbps PC Card Wireless Adapter (DWL-650) (not Cardbus)
  • Dell Truemobile 1150 mini-PCI Wireless PCMCIA Nic Card for Notebooks
  • Digicom Palladio Wave PC Card (8E4084)
  • Elecom Air@Hawk LD-WL11/PCC
  • ELSA AirLancer MC-11
  • EnGenius EL-2511 CD Plus Wireless PCMCIA Card
  • Enterasys/Cabletron
    • 11 Mbps High Speed Radio Card
    • RoamAbout 802.11 DS
  • HP 11Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card hn220w
  • IBM High Rate Wireless LAN PC Card 128 (09N9904)
  • IO Data
    • WN-B11/PCM
    • WN-B11/PCMH
  • KRONE Communications Limited AirLAN 11Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card (6462 2 119-00)
  • Linksys
    • WPC11 Instant Wireless Network PC Card (v1.0)
    • WPC11 Instant Wireless Network PC Card (v2.5)
    • WPC11 Instant Wireless Network PC Card (v3.0)
  • Lucent
    • WaveLAN Gold
    • WaveLAN Silver
    • WaveLAN Bronze
  • Microsoft Broadband Wireless Notebook Adapter (MN-520)
  • Melco/Buffalo Wireless
    • 11 Mbps Wireless LAN AirStation CompactFlash Card (WLI-CF-S11G)
    • 11 Mbps Wireless LAN AIRCONNECT PC Card (WLI-PCM-L11)
    • 11 Mbps Wireless LAN AIRCONNECT PC Card (WLI-PCM-L11G)
    • 11 Mbps Wireless LAN AirStation PC Card (WLI-PCM-L11GP)
  • Milan ShAir Office 11Mbps PCMCIA Client Adapter (MIL-1897)
  • MMC Technology Wavecast (MW-1000PCM)
  • NEC Aterm WL11C (PC-WL/11C)
  • Netgear
    • MA401
    • MA401RA
  • Nokia
    • C110 Wireless LAN Card
    • C111 Wireless LAN Card
  • Panasonic 802.11b Wireless LAN Card (CF-VWLS071U)
  • Persol PBW001 Wireless LAN PC Card
  • Planex Communications GW-CF11H
  • Proxim/Farallon Skyline 802.11b PC Card for Notebooks
  • Samsung
    • MagicLAN SWL-2100N
    • MagicLAN SWL-2000N
  • Senao SL-2511 CD Plus Wireless PCMCIA Card
  • Siemens SpeedStream Wireless PCMCIA Card
  • Sitecom Wireless Network PC Card (WL-002)
  • SMC EZ Connect 11Mbps Wireless PC Card (SMC2632W) (not v2/v3)
  • Sony
    • VAIO Wireless LAN Card (PCWA-C100)
    • 2.4GHz Wireless LAN PC Card (PCWA-C150S)
  • Telekom T-Sinus 130 Card
  • Toshiba Wireless LAN PC Card
  • US Robotics 11 Mbps Wireless Access PC Card
  • Yamaha Wireless LAN Card YML-11B5
  • Z-Com
    • XI-300 IEEE 802.11(b) PCMCIA card
    • XI-300B IEEE 802.11(b) PCMCIA card
  • Zoom ZoomAir PC Card with Internal Antenna Model 4100
  • ZyXEL ZyAIR 100



IOXperts <> develops full-throttle Mac device drivers to meet the growing demand among Macintosh users for more variety and choice among peripherals on the Macintosh platform.

After working with OEMs worldwide, the company is now reaching out directly to Macintosh users, providing access to the wide array of inexpensive hardware available in the PC world.

IOXperts already provides drivers for hundreds of USB webcams and still cameras, FireWire webcams, and now many inexpensive 802.11b wireless cards with many more devices to come.


IOXperts is the trademark of IOXperts, Inc. All other brands and products referenced herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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